Amsterdam becomes living lab for MSc MADE

This academic year Wageningen University & Research and TU Delft introduce a new two-year joint master’s program in the city of Amsterdam. MSc MADE focuses on the metropolitan challenges of Amsterdam as a booming city, using the city of Amsterdam as a case study and a living lab.

In collaboration with AMS Institute, the program connects students to real life cases, business, the city and its citizens – training them hands-on for the multidisciplinary challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s cities.

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Robots among humans

€250.000,- NWO Veni grant for highly promising, young scientists awarded to Javier Alonso-Mora for research proposal “Robots among humans: safe and socially intuitive navigation.”

Autonomous robots have the potential to dramatically change the future of transportation, industry, science and society. Crucial to a successful implementation of mobile robots in city life however, is their ability to autonomously navigate safely through often complex, changing and crowded environments.

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Democracy by Design Safeguarding democratic values in smart cities

Our world is digitizing and new systems are emerging. Across the globe, public and private parties are building the smart cities and smart infrastructures of tomorrow. They strive to improve the efficiency of systems, reduce costs, improve reliability […]

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Reloaded User-led approaches to affordable residential adaptive re-use of heritage buildings in Amsterdam.

This project aims to develop a framework for innovative business-, governance-, financing-, and partnership-models to mobilise new investments for adaptive re-use of heritage, to be tested in Amsterdam […]

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