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Amsterdam is the AMS living lab to develop and test metropolitan solutions – involving the Amsterdam citizens as testers, users and co-creators. Research and valorization in AMS Institute will not just be about cities, they will be integrated into cities through a network of test beds. The institute will use test beds in Amsterdam to understand the flows and characteristics of the urban environment, and thus to design metropolitan solutions and accelerate their integration into real life. The projects all match the key AMS criteria: they involve the residents of Amsterdam and institute partners, they will benefit the local population, and they are internationally recognised as innovative.

AMS will investigate the potential efficacy of (big) data supported bottom up initiatives in increasing the comfort, sustainability and resilience of urban communities in the face of foreseen change of spatial planning of urban environments, infrastructure and services necessary to address to climate change, urbanization, empowerment and resource scarcity.

These projects will make a deep impact on the city. What could be better than working to enhance the living and working climate in cities, improving the quality of life, containing damage, reducing traffic jams and pollution, and helping to make essentials – like energy, water, and food – available to everyone?

Nederland, Amsterdam, 1 aug. 2012. Amsterdam De Plantage, het gebied dat bij de stadsuitbreiding van ca.1663, de vierde uitleg, binnen de grote omwalling was gebracht bleken niet genoeg kopers. De bouw stagneerde en er werden tuinen en semi-permanente uitspanningen aangelegd waar de Amsterdammers konden recreeren. Pas na 1860 raakte het gebied meer bebouwd. luchtfotografie, luchtfoto. foto: Marco van Middelkoop/Hollandse Hoogte

The Street of the Future Towards a boulevard of accomplished dreams

The Street of the Future is part of the research programme The Feeding City, which is embedded in the Flevo […]

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Garden of Eden_NYC

Healing Gardens Plant, Prospect, Harvest, Health

Research in the United States shows that gardening has a positive influence on the recovery of hospital patients. As gardening […]

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The Feeding City The Scientific programme for the Flevo Campus in Almere 2015 – 2022 – 2030

The Feeding City is a multiannual research programme in which we are collaborating with different partners among which the City […]

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BIES: Buiksloterham Integrated Energy System Towards a Sustainable and Integrated Energy System for an Urban Area in Transition

The high energy performance of new buildings and the growth of (decentralized) renewable energy generation requires changes in the energy […]

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WeSense beeld

WeSense Social sensing and the perception of the urban environment

Which environmental factors influence our perception of the urban environment? What impact do sounds and smells have on our perception […]

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DCSMART DC Distribution Smart Grids

DCSMART is an interdisciplinary project that aims at enabling a straightforward integration of smart grid system technologies, creation of market […]

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R-LINK The contribution of small-scale and bottom-up urban development initiatives to solving societal challenges

R-LINK covers five years of research under the lead of Prof. dr. Leonie Janssen-Jansen (Wageningen University). The multidisciplinary research consortium […]

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ALLEGRO with innovative data to a new theory for pedestrians and bicycles

The ALLEGRO project covers five years of research with a group of 8 PhD students and 3 postdocs under the […]

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Hidden Amsterdam

Hidden Amsterdam

This project supports the Hidden Amsterdam Festival, a 3-day festival, to be held in 2017, that aims at letting citizens […]

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AMS Website_Picture_Ethical concerns smart energy

Addressing ethical concerns in smart energy system design

Smart energy systems are considered to be important enablers in the transition to a more sustainable energy system. However, ethical […]

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Saving energy when others pay the bill Living Lab at The Student Hotel

The goal of this project is to stimulate energy conservation in situations where people don’t pay for their energy bill. […]

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PUMA Prospecting the Urban Mines of Amsterdam

The buildings of Amsterdam contain tons of steel, copper, aluminum and lead. Amsterdam can be seen as an urban mine. […]

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Industrial Symbiosis

Closing the chain of mineral building materials Industrial symbiosis in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region

One of the ambitions of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region is aimed at improving its security of supply by significantly reducing […]

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UrbanAirQ Filling in the blind spots of urban air quality together with citizens

Air quality in cities and its impact on public health is currently a growing concern, receiving ample attention from policymakers, […]

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Photo credit: Marije van Woerden

3D Printing in the Circular City Closing the loop of plastic waste flows by using large scale 3D printing for recycling plastic waste

This project introduces large scale 3D-printing for the recycling of plastic waste. A multidisciplinary consortium, consisting of TU Delft, House […]

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BalanCity Smart Traffic Load Balancing for Sustainable Cities

Managing motorized traffic flows is an important issue in every major metropolitan area. Especially in Amsterdam, which should take into […]

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Green Junkie

Green Junkie Exploring added value of a new green innovation for an economical vital city

Amsterdam, as many other cities, suffers from high particulate concentrations which have a negative impact on the air quality and […]

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Smart wasting

Smart Wasting in Amsterdam Waste between the front door and the waste container

Smart Wasting in Amsterdam is on citizen waste produced by households and its path to the waste container on the […]

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CLIMADAPTOOL Developing the urban CLIMate ADAPtation TOOL

Amsterdam has urban climate problems and these can be solved with many design interventions. In this project, we will develop […]

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From Needs to Knowledge challenges and opportunities for city-scale crowd sensing in intelligent cities

Citizens are key actors in intelligent cities. They are the lifeblood of the city ecosystem, and they have a privileged […]

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Crowd Monitoring System for SAIL2015

One of the challenges of large scale events, such as SAIL2015, is to guarantee smoothly flowing visitor flows. Prerequisite for […]

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The Future of Amstelland

Citizen group Beschermers Amstelland (Protectors of Amstelland, SBA) have requested the Wageningen Science Shop to carry out a study aimed […]

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3D Building Fieldlab Building bridges from science to practice

Building bridges from science to practice: Augmenting Digital Manufacturing from a Human-Centered Design Perspective. Computational design and robotic labor are […]

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Overview smart retrofit

Smart Urban Retrofitting in Amsterdam and Mianyang (China)

Smart Urban Retrofitting refers to the restructuring of existing housing stock to increase buildings’ resource efficiency and generation capacity. Not […]

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URSES Smarter energy systems for Amsterdam

Testing fuel-cell cars for providing energy to residential neighbourhoods or improved systems for ground source heating and cooling. These are […]

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Adaptive Circular Cities Living lab Buiksloterham

Taken together, cities are jointly responsible for the consumption of 75% of the planet’s natural resources and produce 60–80% of […]

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Urban Mobility Lab Unravelling transport flows in Amsterdam

Urban Mobility Lab analyses multi-modal traffic flows – an extremely complex task in a metropolis like Amsterdam, given that transport […]

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Creative Commons - Joop Reuvecamp

Urban Pulse Understanding resource flows and dynamics in Amsterdam

Urban Pulse generates the knowledge required to build sustainability strategies for energy, water, food, and natural resources in the city. […]

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Opening 10c

Rain Sense Citizens preparing Amsterdam for future weather

Rain Sense will make Amsterdam more resilient to flooding, and to damage from severe weather conditions like those experienced several […]

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