AMS Wiebke Klemm

Urban Green and Blue Design

Wiebke Klemm

Wageningen University & Research
Landscape Architecture

“My passion is designing, creative thinking,
collaborating and connecting people and ideas,
in particular in the field of green, climate-responsive urban spaces.”

Wiebke Klemm is coordinating research fellow of the Wageningen based Metropolitan Solutions consortium, and research fellow on the research track ‘Urban Green and Blue Design’. Her research ‘Urban Green and Blue Design’ focusses on contributions of urban green infrastructure to multiple ecosystem services, in particular microclimate functioning, and how though the incorporation of this evidences in urban design sustainable urban landscapes can be created.

Huub Rijnaarts
Sanda Lenzholzer
Sven Stremke


Wiebke Klemm graduated as a landscape architect from TU Dresden, Germany. She worked as professional landscape architect in the policy oriented Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research and in a design office for several years before starting a PhD research at Wageningen University & research. In her PhD research she examined into the impacts of urban green infrastructure, such as urban green spaces and elements, on thermal conditions and residents’ thermo-spatial perception in urban environments. This projects transdisciplinarily links academic knowledge from landscape architecture and urban meteorology with knowledge from urban design practice to enhance climate-responsive urban designing. For her valorisation efforts in exchanging knowledge with societal stakeholders she received the ‘Outstanding Doctoral Student Award 2014’ from the European Council for Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS).