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AMS researches practical solutions to the challenges of daily life in the city as part of its projects and programmes. It gladly shares information – old and new – with all its partners. Take for example our Let’s Talk Solutions! lecture series or the Summer school…

Let’s Talk Solutions!

Every month, we put on an inspirational, yet interactive and critical lecture that is free and open to anyone interested in discussing practical solutions to the challenges of daily life in the city. Every lecture addresses the issue of cooperation between academia, entrepreneurs and the city of Amsterdam.

More information: Let’s Talk Solutions Calendar

Summer School ‘Beyond Resilience’

Stronger, sustainable cities. This involves far more than mere resilience. Beyond Resilience seeks ways to build dynamic cities that become even stronger when faced with unexpected events in an increasingly unpredictable world. At our two-week Summer School, students work together in groups on a case study, researching problems and devising new ideas, plans, designs and forms of management that are more flexible and sustainable.

More information: Summer School ‘Beyond Resilience’

MSc Programme in Metropolitan Research, Engineering & Design
At the heart of the AMS educational offering is a new, technical and entrepreneurial two-year MSc programme in Metropolitan Solutions leading to an (TU Delft / Wageningen) engineering degree. Contingent upon accreditation, it will be launched in September 2017. All educational activities developed by AMS Institute will lead to and be integrated into this MSc programme.

More information: MSc Programme