AMS Signing statement of intent on Amsterdam Rainproof

AMS signs statement of intent on Amsterdam Rainproof: working together for dry feet and a beautiful city! 

Naturally Amsterdam’s inhabitants want to keep their feet dry, but unfortunately the city is vulnerable in the event of heavy downpours – as we experienced again this summer, on 28 July. Rainproof encourages anyone in Amsterdam who is renovating or altering roofs, gardens, roads and parks to do so in a rain-proof way. Amsterdam Rainproof is a clever form of investment, which also improves the appearance and liveability of the city at the same time.

On 9 October 2014 a total of 26 parties, including the new institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), signed the statement of intent to actively contribute to Amsterdam Rainproof based on their own capacities and responsibilities. AMS will be contributing to the Rain Sens, one of the new institute’s three kick-off projects.

Thanks to innovative methods such as weather stations on lampposts, a mobile measuring umbrella and an app that residents can install on their phones, the researchers will be able to accurately assess the rainfall in Amsterdam right down to the individual street level. This will enable partners like Waternet to visualise possible problems early on and to take the appropriate measures during downpours, so that potential damage can be reduced. The collaborative partnership Rainproof focuses on increasing Amsterdam’s resilience in the face of flooding and damage resulting from severe weather conditions.

Other parties that signed the statement of intent include the city council; the water board and institutions including Amsterdam Smart City and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam); green entrepreneurs in Amsterdam; large international companies and local Amsterdam initiatives already working on Rainproof such as the ‘Tuin van Jan’ community garden in West, Green Business Club Zuidas, and Plantage WOW, an urban farm in the Kolenkit district.

Together, this unique network wants to make the Rainproof approach second nature to as many citizens of Amsterdam as possible.