AMS Rain Sense test with social weather app

Rain Sense, a project of AMS Institute and TU Delft, is now working to realise a lab on Wibautstraat, and it will be conducting a test with a smart phone app this summer, starting half July until half September. The aim of the experiment is to collect rainfall and flood measurements in Amsterdam to make the city more resilient to flooding, using this ‘Social Weather’ app. Daniel Goedbloed from the partner organisation Waternet explains: ‘We are working with residents to map flooding using the Social Weather app, developed by Delft University of Technology and other partners. The charting goes all the way down to street level – a feature unique to this project. We are also using other smart innovations, including measurement stations on lampposts and umbrellas that serve as mobile rain meters. With the combined data, Waternet will soon be able to take preventive measures in a timely manner.’

Of course, we hope that the fine weather will continue, but we know that it is bound to rain at some point during the summer. When it does rain we will be collecting data about the rainfall, and in the event of heavy downpours, we will be measuring the amount of water on the street. Summer is a particularly interesting period for such measurements, as this is the season in which the heaviest showers fall. The data we collect will make it possible to take timely measures against flooding.

This first version of the app will be distributed among business partners. Ultimately, we will build an app suitable for all people in Amsterdam. Do you want to join? Please contact Wouter Koole (

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