AMS Celebrating the collaboration

The AMS Institute event was held on Thursday 19 February, with the motto: ‘Let’s celebrate the collaboration’. During this event, we shared the developments within AMS Institute with more than 100 partners, contacts and other interested parties. Celebrating existing collaborations and working together to investigate new opportunities were important parts of the event. For example, we signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Shell for collaboration in the #URSES research programme. Yet another milestone!

[Frank Kresin, Waag Society]
‘Organisations rarely collaborate; people often do. Through AMS Institute, we have met dynamic researchers with whom we are now conducting several projects. In this way, we get to know each other better, and this leads to new, more extensive collaboration. We can see AMS Institute as a fly-wheel that is getting up to speed, and we are now starting to reap the first benefits from it.’   

The call from the director, Renée Hoogendoorn, was clear:

AMS ‪@AMS_amsterdam
Renée Hoogendoorn welcomes all the #AMS-ers at the start of the event. We are here to work together!

#URSES research programme
With #URSES, we ensure that research, new solutions and applications are made available for relevant energy issues in the city (and the rest of the Netherlands). The collaboration will make it possible to test results from the research in the city. Moreover, it will allow AMS Institute to connect leading researchers to social organisations, the business community and the residents of Amsterdam. 

Sharing results
In addition to signing the Memorandum of Understanding, we presented details about the focus of our research portfolio. New research projects in the pipeline all fall under one or more of the topics ‘Connected City’, ‘Vital City’ and ‘Circular City’. Related to the topic Circular City AMS Institute will sign the Manifest ‘Circular Buiksloterham’ on Thursday 5 March.

[Wim de Haas, projectleader Adaptive Circular Cities]
‘Small is the new big. That’s why sharing and collaboration is the future. Huge institutes transform into infrastructures for sharing things and knowledge.’

In addition to the new research projects, we obviously also shared the latest developments in our three kick-start projects: Rain Sense, Urban Pulse and Urban Mobility Lab.

In the special mini-cinema that was set up for this purpose, we showed demonstrator videos to provide an impression of what we will soon be able to offer in the area of intelligent data technology.

In the study area, Erik Heijmans, Programme Manager Education, told about the monthly public lecture series ‘Let’s Talk Solutions’ and the Summer School ‘Beyond Resilience’, which we are offering in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and other partners from Amsterdam.

It was nice to see how we came together in the discussions about these ventures and how we were able to work together to arrive at even more solutions:

Jorick Beijer ‏‪@JorickBeijer
Metropolitan solutions is about working together. Open collaboration today @AMS_amsterdam

Engineering the future city
Seeking solutions for metropolitan challenges. This is our drive; it’s what we’re happy to be working on every day. To this end, we are combining available data and knowledge with the newest technologies. We cannot do this alone, and this is what makes the collaboration between science, the business community, the government and citizens so important. Interdisciplinary collaboration can help develop new methods that will contribute to practical solutions for daily life in the city. ‘Engineering the future city!’

We are grateful to everyone who attended this event: thanks to you, it was a success, and we are able to look back on a fine afternoon.

Can you think of possibilities for collaboration with AMS or its network? We’d like to know! Please get in touch with us.