AMS Marije Schilder graduates with an AMS certificate

TU Delft student Marije Schilder graduated as the first Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences graduate (MBE track) with an AMS certificate. Earlier this year; Geomatics had the honor to provide the first Faculty graduate; Rosann Aarsen. Their research fits perfectly within the AMS Institute, which focuses on applied urban technology and design.

Planning support systems in urban development in the Netherlands
Marije’s thesis focuses on the planning support systems (PSS) that are currently being applied in Dutch urban development practice. The use of PSS can support the complex urban development processes by giving insight into the urban processes by structuring and visualising spatial data, and also by supporting the communication and collaboration between stakeholders through interactive workshops. Nevertheless, after years of development, PSS are still scarcely applied in planning practice. One of the bottlenecks to its widespread use is the unfamiliarity of PSS to its potential users.

Therefore, the aim of the research is to increase our understanding of the constraints and benefits of planning support systems; to increase our comprehension of their role in the Dutch urban development processes; and to provide insights into the different factors that influence the perceived usefulness of these applications in the decision-making process in urban development in the Netherlands.

Marije’s thesis is online available.