AMS Video: Talk by Carlo Ratti on 30 April

On 30 April the fourth lecture in the AMS lecture series ‘Let’s Talk Solutions’ was given by Carlo Ratti (AMS/MIT) about ‘Sensing the City; Data and Cities without Trash’. Invited discussant was AMS Pi Arnold Bregt.

Below the tweets you find a video compilation of the lecture. The full lecture can be watched here

Tweets on Carlo Ratti’s lecture

AMS ‪@AMS_institute
Carlo Ratti ‪@crassociati about Trash tracking ‪#letstalksolutions

Carolin Bellstedt ‪@CaroliBellstedt
: We are still very far from the approximation to nature. Big data could help to ‪#closeloops. ‪#industrialecology ‪@AMS_institute

Fred Schoorl ‪@FredSchoorl
Carlo Ratti declares architecture dead & alive again: ‘architects don’t have to make decisions – 20 century! – but do ‘future crafting’ ‪#AMS

Gewoon Manon ‏‪@_Manonsens
Enjoying the lecture of ‪@SenseableCity ‪@crassociati on trash, very interesting! Tnx ‪@AMS_institute ‪ …

AMS ‪@AMS_institute
Big data tell us a lot about our behaviour. If it is shared in an open way it can change behaviour. ‪#CarloRatti ‪#MIT

Next Talk: 21 May by Hans van Lint (AMS/TU Delft) – Smart Mobility Flows.