AMS Let’s Talk Solutions #2, Michael Shin

What role does civic engagement play and how are citizens mobilized in order to take part in the smart city?
On 20 February was the second ‘Let’s Talk Solutions’ lecture, by Michael Shin (UCLA), with reactions from Daan Weddepohl (Peerby) and Justus Uitermark (University of Amsterdam).

Tweets on Michael Shin’s lecture:

Jorick Beijer ‏‪@JorickBeijer
Michael Shin ‪@AMS_amsterdam: the concept smart city is like blind men describing an elephant.

Jorick Beijer ‏‪@JorickBeijer
Smart citizens are connected citizens says Daan Weddepohl ‪@peerby ‪@AMS_amsterdam

AMS ‪@AMS_amsterdam
Daan Weddepohl, CEO ‪@peerby explains how sharing household items creates online and local communities.

Zef Hemel ‪@ZefHemel
Daan Weddepohl, founder of ‪@peerby, now speaking on civic engagement in smart cities like amsterdam and LA, at ‪#uva ‪#ams ‪#cus ‪@AmEcBoard

AMS ‪@AMS_amsterdam
Justus Uitermark stresses the ethical and political dilemmas that open data bring with them.

Gene Libow ‏‪@GeneLibow
“Show me where you vote, and I’ll tell you who you are” Michael Shin on electoral geography ‪@AMS_amsterdam ‪#smartcity

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 Let’s Talk Solutions! is a series of public lectures, hosted by AMS. The monthly talks are inspiring, critical and interactive. Through different topics we will explore solutions for metropolitan challenges. Always bringing together engineering, entrepreneurship and Amsterdam. The complete calendar can be downloaded below.

The next public lecture takes place on Thursday 12 March, presented by Anthony Townsend. See for the overview of lectures, our Calendar