AMS SWAT Studio: research on advanced technical solutions

Building Technology Students from TU Delft were recently in Amsterdam for an intensive 2-week studio workshop. The event was a collaboration between AMS and the SWAT Studio, a 10-week TU Delft MSc programme that focuses on advanced technical solutions in diverse cultural and environmental locations. AMS was the facilitating host, and a key contributor of the workshop in terms of staff and contacts in the fields of education, research and strategic development in urban areas.

4 diverse Amsterdam locations are being investigated in students groups:

1. Buiksloterham
2. Flora Park (Van de Pek)
3. De Plantage
4. Dapperstraat/Markt

The aims of the SWAT studio overlap significantly with those of AMS. A primary objective being to discover and reveal underlying city challenges from the societal to the environmental, then go onto develop contextually responsive and appropriately valid technical interventions that engage with those needs. Variously scaled interventions were proposed, from the strategic to the detailed. All involved the steps needed for the sustainable transition of our cities at the façade, building, neighbourhood and district scale.

The images shown here are a selection of the urban interventions proposed by the students during the workshop and subsequently elaborated. They range from neighbourhood energy strategies, detailed algae bridges to Ijnovation floawtables.

This workshop builds upon previously successful collaborative studio’s in Florence, Sarajevo, Delft and Hanoi.

 SWAT Studio Leader: Dr Craig Lee Martin