AMS 3D Printing in the Circular City

Closing the loop of plastic waste flows by using large scale 3D printing for recycling plastic waste

This project introduces large scale 3D-printing for the recycling of plastic waste. A multidisciplinary consortium, consisting of TU Delft, House of DUS and AEB, will combine their expertise and will investigate this concept in the case study of Amsterdam North. Starting with the examination of local plastic waste streams and material experiments, the research will continue with the development of a large-scale prototype of a building component that will be launched in public space of Amsterdam North.

3D Printing in the Circular City explores the potential of large scale 3D-printing to offer a metropolitan solution for improving the recycling methods of plastics and upgrading materials. This will be achieved by using locally sourced recycled plastics, in the production of large-scale building components with 3D-printing. The suggested circular material route will be investigated through a case study that will take place in Amsterdam North.

The construction site of the world’s first 3D-Print Canal House will be used as a living lab for plastic waste recovery and material upgrade. There, samples from locally generated plastic waste streams (including waste generated from the construction site of the building of the 3DPCH) will be sorted and shredded. With the support of AEB, the local plastic waste streams will be examined and assessed with regard to their utilization patterns and recycling potential. In the next phase, a selection of materials will be tested in the laboratory of the TU Delft, in order to define their mechanical, acoustic and thermal properties. The results of these tests will be used to design and produce a prototype of a large-scale building component that will be showcased in the living lab and will be open to the public.

Project duration: January 2016 – December 2016

Partners: TU Delft, House of DUS, AEB

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Project leader/ contact person:
Foteini Setaki, PhD researcher
Chair of Environmental Technology & Design, Department of Urbanism
TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Phone: +31 15 27 844 30

Photo credit: Marije van Woerden

This project is an AMS Stimulus Project. The aim of Stimulus Projects is to give to new and existing AMS partners support to innovative research that has a strong upscaling potential. The projects should realize short-term research output, which act as a catalyst of a new solution direction, concept or approach.