AMS The Feeding City

The Scientific programme for the Flevo Campus in Almere 2015 – 2022 – 2030

The Feeding City is a multiannual research programme in which we are collaborating with different partners among which the City of Almere, the province of Flevoland and Aeres Group. The programme is embedded in the Flevo Campus in Almere – which will function as a ‘living lab’ – and houses research, education and enterprises relating to the theme ‘food and the city’. Food is an emerging global theme. The fact that food in the city touches upon all aspects of society makes it a challenging and dynamic theme. It is intertwined with various urban issues and can potentially: contribute to citizens’ health, stimulate social cohesion, strive to produce less waste, close cycles of raw materials, make transport flows more efficient, or seek to boost employment.

The programme deals with topics like the relationship between food, nature and health in the city. Furthermore, it relates to questions about food production in the city and its relation to the circular economy, new forms production, logistic systems and the ‘do it yourself’ urban planning. The aim of the programme is to innovate the food system of the city in close collaboration with commerce, organisations and citizens in the city and its region. “The Feeding City” programme shows how food can contribute to the well-being and welfare of urban residents. But it also shows how we can transform our current linear food system into a circular system that eliminates waste. It is a showcase of ideas, concepts, policy and prototypes that generates awareness of the opportunities and presents how other cities in the world – existing and new – are able to develop further.

Therefore, we strive to organically establish a joint programme, which is
 challenging, dynamic and multidisciplinary. It is not a blueprint with a fixed route to 2022 and beyond. The intention is that other parties
will join this programme. The research programme The Feeding City provides the outlines of a substantiated research programme with the beginnings of an implementation plan, a programme that encourages challenges and is open for collaboration.

Research proposal
The research proposal contains ideas and suggestions that in the coming period will be transformed into actual projects. Still there is still room for additional ideas.

Project duration
5 years – start January 2017

Flevo Campus, City of Almere, Province of Flevoland & Aeres Group

Project leader
Henk Wolfert – AMS Institute
Jan Eelco Jansma – Wageningen University and Research

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Contact person(s)
Henk Wolfert
Jan Eelco Jansma

The Feeding City

The fundament of the programme is divided into three pillars: research, educations and ‘vibrancy’.

Research projects

Healing Gardens
Research in the United States shows that gardening has a positive influence on the recovery of hospital patients. As gardening involves being outside, getting physical exercise, taking in sunlight, eating healthily and working on the future. Together with Wageningen University & Research and ParkHuys Almere, we aim to find out if we can achieve the same effects in the Netherlands. We will start a pilot project called ‘Healing Gardens’ in which patients can garden under supervision. We aim to expand this pilot into a larger research program and examine the physical and mental effects gardening can have on patients.

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The Street of the Future
A living lab in which technology, proven on lab scale or model scale, is brought together in actual houses and in an actual street. That is the main purpose of The Street of the Future. A street is the most complicated and most extensive part of a city when looking at the infrastructure. Within the current infrastructure, all connections add up to a very complex system of pipes and cables that now serve a basically linear system of providing resources and producing waste products. The challenge for The Street of the Future is to collect the waste and treat it in such a way that it can be re-used on the same or even higher level.

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Summer School
AMS Institute is taking care for the programming of a Summer School at the Flevo Campus. More information will follow soon.


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Factsheet Flevo Campus (in Dutch)

Learn more about the project in a radio interview with programme developer Henk Wolfert (in Dutch).

Almere is located in the metropole region Amsterdam and is are very well suited to carry out research on the food system in a living lab setting. Not just because of the presence of nature there or its good position of the agro-sector, but also because of their ambition to put food and everything that is connected with it as central to further developments of the city. By performing research in Almere and the surroundings, AMS Institute stresses that food related questions and solutions in the urban environment are inextricably bound up with what is happening in the whole metropole region Amsterdam.

Moreover, the Floriade in 2022 in Almere with the theme ‘Feeding the City’ offers a great opportunity to test prototypes of innovations and showcase these to a large international audience. To ensure the innovations for the Floriade in 2022, we are working together with the different partners on the scientific living-lab Flevo Campus. Flevo Campus, which opened January 10 this year, is a place where governments, companies and research institutions are able to invest in practical scientific research, education and business-oriented developments.