AMS AMS MOOC (Online Course): Sustainable Urban Development

Learn how you can respond to metropolitan challenges


You, me, we are all part of the metropolitan challenges as well as the solutions. 
Learn why you are key in resolving global urbanization and sustainability challenges 
and how you can engineer the future city.


AMS MOOC ‘Sustainable Urban Development’ (Online course)
Did you know that cities take up less than 3% of the earth’s land surface, but more than 50% of the world’s population live in them? And, cities generate more than 70% of the global emissions? If you are interested in the challenges of the 21st century metropolitan regions and how these can be solved from within the city and its inhabitants, then the online course (MOOC) ‘Sustainable Urban Development’ is for you!

This online course integrates different fields of knowledge within the metropolitan context. The course is set up in a unique matrix format and lets you pursue your line of interest along a specific metropolitan challenge or a specific theme.

Because we are all part of the challenges as well as the solutions, we encourage you to participate actively! You will have the opportunity to explore the living conditions in your own city and compare your living environment with that of the global community.

You will discover possible solutions for your city’s challenges and what it takes to implement these solutions. Your participation will also contribute to wider research into metropolitan regions as complex systems.

We invite you to make the first steps in understanding the principles that will be essential to transform metropolitan regions into just, prosperous and sustainable places to live in!


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