AMS Studio Metroplotitan Solutions

Exploring Future Europe: Celebrating Dutch culture

The AMS Metropolitan Solutions studio will be embedded in a wider scope of the City, wherein all kinds of activities take place addressing questions such as: What will our cities in Europe look like in the future? How will we move about? How do we anticipate our energy needs? What will we eat and where will it come from? What will we do with our waste? In the AMS Metropolitan Solutions studio student will study a small number of cases in the city-region of Amsterdam focusing on the flows of the city: transport, water, energy, waste, food, mobility, and/or data and they will develop socio-technical solutions for problems they detected in optimising flows. The aim is to make the city more connected, vital, and circular.

In this AMS based studio a group of students work together on an AMS themed issue in the Amsterdam metropolitan region, commissioned by a client from the private or public sector. Based on the terms of reference received from the client, students develop a consultancy or project plan, including a problem field definition and analysis, a plan for data generation and analysis and a description of the envisaged output or design. An applied training in project management, data collection, observation & interview techniques, and interdisciplinary teamwork is offered. A number of lectures are given providing students with additional background information to tackle the issue at play in their case. Every student is expected to contribute his / her own knowledge and expertise to the group assignment and to (individually) reflect on this.

This studio has an interdisciplinary project approach with, via and in the Amsterdam AMS institute:
– supervised group meetings;
– expert consults;
– case based lectures and site visit(s);
– excursion;
– workshops (project management/leadership, metropolitan data, interview & observation techniques, interdisciplinary & intercultural communication).

Assessment is based on a project report and oral presentation.

– Registration is open –

For who MSc graduate students of Delft University of Technology (via course AR0053) and Wageningen University (via Capita Selecta)
Start April 2017
End June 2017

More information and registration
dr. ir. Marjolein Pijpers-van Esch (TU Delft)
dr ir Karin Peters (WUR)