AMS The Feeding City Summerschool

AMS Flevo Campus summerschool

10-21 July 2017, Flevo Campus Almere

In July, AMS Institute organizes a summerschool program named ‘The Feeding City’. This summerschool will focus on the theme ‘food in the city’ and is part of our program at the Flevo Campus: a living lab in Almere where research, education and business come together to collaborate on the same theme.

The city of Almere lies within the metropole region of Amsterdam and the surrounding area is responsible for a great amount of the food supply. Students will focus on the area Oosterwold, an experimental area in development. The new inhabitants of this area have control over their own land. Moreover, the responsibility for coordinating common interests, such as infrastructure, lies with the future residents themselves. One of the few criteria is that half the land is to be used to produce food. This area is perceived as a perfect test garden for students to develop ideas and thus provide inspiration for the design of the food problem for residents.

What to expect?
During these 2 weeks AMS Flevo Campus summerschool offers an intensive and diverse program, during which group work between students – with different backgrounds and expertise – is crucial.

The summerschool includes

  • Observations in the field, interviews with experts from various organizations
  • Guest lectures and workshops about ‘food in green vital urban areas’ and ‘urban agriculture’
  • Case study design: circular living & working environment in Oosterwold
  • Visits to companies in the agri-food sector
  • Excursions
  • Final presentation on location for all stakeholders involved

For who?
The summerschool is something for you if are:

  • Interested in learning more about food in the city as a driving force for the circular economy, innovative initiatives in food production and processing, logistic food systems and urban green planning,
  • a MSc or last year BSc student in a related field,
  • keen on being part of The Feeding City,
  • and an enthusiastic student willing to engage in hands-on (field)research

Registration & costs
Costs: € 750,- (includes accommodation, field excursions, lectures, materials)

Deadline for registration: May 1st 2017.
Send your application to:

Application for the AMS Summerschool “The Feeding City” includes the following information

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • University
  • Faculty
  • Study programme
  • *Student registration number

And a motivation letter (100 words) & CV.

Admission will be based on evaluation of CV and motivation letter. Application is possible till 1st of May 2017, shortly after this date you will hear if you are granted to participate.

(*) Only for Wageningen University & Research, Delft University of Technology and Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Contact Astrid Hendriksen

This summerschool is organized by Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in cooperation with the municipality of Almere.

The Feeding City
The Feeding City is a multiannual research program in which we are collaborating with different partners among which the City of Almere, the province of Flevoland and Aeres Group. The program is embedded in the Flevo Campus in Almere – which will function as a ‘living lab’ – and houses research, education and enterprises relating to the theme ‘food and the city’. Food is an emerging global theme. The fact that food in the city touches upon all aspects of society makes it a challenging and dynamic theme. It is intertwined with various urban issues and can potentially: contribute to citizens’ health, stimulate social cohesion, strive to produce less waste, close cycles of raw materials, make transport flows more efficient, or seek to boost employment.

Head photo ©MVRDV

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