Anja is a Master-student in Integrated Urban Development and Design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. The third semester of the program is dedicated to a practical experience, which she chose to do at the AMS Institute. She is especially interested in the topic of Circular Economy and how to implement it on a bigger scale in the urban realm.

She applies her knowledge of the environment and urban planning by being part of the development of a Circular Economy Strategy for the Urban Development project of HavenStad. In a first step she is part of the development of a portfolio of measures for the Circular Economy strategy. In a second step she will be engaged in the spatial integration of these measures in HavenStad.

Her interest for Circularity in Urban Regions derives from the simple wish to live in a less polluted environment. In terms of sustainability Amsterdam is already an advanced city where different modes of transport are integrated and the priority mode of transport is the bicycle. To make this already advanced environment an even better environment and trying to find the best-practice solutions for Europe in such a collaborative and integrated institute is a unique chance to get as many insights into the topic as possible.

“'When I am wise and old I might have a chance to live in a Circular City where I don´t feel to be a contaminant.”

Anja Constien

Intern Circularity in Urban Region