As vice-president of the MADE IT board, Gabriel is responsible for exploring partnership opportunities, and fostering these relations to recognize the added value for both AMS Institute and MSc MADE students. He also organizes board activities and ensures an efficient structure for the study association. Being part of the career and study trip committees, he keeps on overview of their needs, and coordinates their activities to be suitable for students, professors, AMS Institute, and external partners.

Gabriel has a background in Aerospace Engineering, Sustainable Design Engineering, and Industrial Ecology. Throughout his academic and professional life, he helped build hydrogen racing cars and rockets, he worked in R&D for automotive companies, in office administration, as an analyst for an energy company, in environmental consultancy, and he was a musher in Northern Sweden. He is now also working part-time as an office manager for AMS. Growing up in rural Romania, in The Carpathians, Gabriel longs to keep the forests of his childhood intact, and to someday help design better cities.

“Sometimes one needs to take a step back and to allow himself to see things from a different perspective. It is only when you live outside the urban complexity that you truly begin to understand it objectively. Facing the challenges of climate change, I felt overwhelmed and powerless, and decided to take a break and join the snowy, frozen world of Dalarna County in Sweden, where I spent the winter with 34 Siberian Huskies. I found the purposeful connection with nature that most of us are missing in the urban, but I also recognized the challenges of rural communities. My ambition is to contribute to a just, equitable, and sustainable development of both these two worlds.”

Gabriel Hirlav

Vice-president MADE IT