Jan Peter van der Hoek is Professor of Drinking Water Engineering. He is also Chief Innovation Officer at Waternet, the water cycle company of Amsterdam and surroundings. In this position he is responsible for the innovation strategy and the research agenda. Jan Peter is a member of Standard Commission 1 of the European Union of National Associations of Water Suppliers and Waste Water Services. He is chair of the Program Committee of the joint research program of the Dutch drinking water companies, and he is member of the Program Council of the TKI Watertechnology, part of the Dutch Topsector Water & Maritime. His research scope ranges four themes: 1. The behavior of emerging substances in the water cycle in general and in drinking water treatment processes in specific. 2. The relation between climate change on the one hand and drinking water quality and drinking water engineering on the other. 3. Policy, regulation and water quality: effects of new water concepts – like new sanitation, decentralized drinking water production and closed water cycles – on the drinking water sector. 4. Introduction of the circular economy in the (drinking) water industry: how to reduce the use of energy, chemicals and raw materials and to recover energy and reuse materials from (drinking) water treatment processes. He is Editor in Chief of Drinking Water Engineering and Science, and Editor of Sustainability.

“The NUWTS project – which involves regional water au-thorities, drinking water companies, municipalities and an engineering consultancy – researches new urban wa-ter transport systems as enablers for resource recovery in the urban environment. This is crucial for Amster-dam to develop into a competitive and sustainable Eu-ropean metropolis. It’s great to see the interplay of all the participants.”

Jan Peter van der Hoek

AMS PI & CIO Waternet