Prof. Rudy Negenborn is full professor in Multi-Machine Operations & Logistics and head of the Section Transport Engineering & Logistics of Department Maritime & Transport Technology, at Delft University of Technology. Negenborn's research interests include automatic control and coordination of transport technology (including autonomous vessels) in general, whereby he proposes multi-agent system and model predictive control approaches that benefit from real-time information availability and the potential of communication. As such, his research anticipates the massive introduction of sensing, computation, and communication technologies. Within the 4S Framework this is materialized into innovative solutions for smart equipment, transport hubs, ports and (synchromodal) networks.

For the specific case of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area it is hereby in particular interesting, as well as highly relevant and challenging, to investigate what the role of autonomous vessels, their interactions, and their potential future applications could be in ensuring an accessible metropole in a sustainable way.

“We should focus on the interactions among groups of vessels - with varying degrees of autonomy - and infrastructure, instead of on individuals vessels only. Only then we can truly benefit from the potential autonomy promises.”

Rudy Negenborn

Professor & AMS PI

Negenborn has over 200 peer reviewed academic publications. He leads NWO, EU and industry funded research, and is on the editorial board of the series on “Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engingeering”. Between 01/2017 and 01/2019 he was Director of Studies of the interfaculty MSc Programme on Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics. He was moreover general chair of the 6th International Conference on Computational Logistics, has acted as member of the organizing committee of several other international conferences (including IEEE control conferences and maritime systems & logistics conferences) and was guest editor of special journal issues on autonomous vessels and computational logistics. In addition, he is editor of the books “Intelligent Infrastructures”, “Distributed Model Predictive Control Made Easy”, and “Transport of Water versus Transport over Water”.