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From (urban) mine to building, and back into the supply chain written by: Luuk Gremmen, student Industrial Ecology at TU Delft & Leiden University

Traditionally almost every blog about circular economy starts with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s famous quote: ‘Imagine an economy in which […]

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Metal stock estimations and community driven open source databases for urban mining written by: Michelle, Elena, Ella, Sidney and Josefine, students Industrial Ecology at TU Delft & Leiden University

Before, the life cycles of products have been considered to be linear, but this concept makes it possible to make […]

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Prospecting the Urban Mines of Amsterdam: student blog written by: Hsiu-Chuan Lin, student Industrial Ecology at TU Delft & Leiden University

The circular economy, and everything it involves, is a focus of research of the academic discipline of Industrial Ecology and […]

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Smart Wasting in Amsterdam: project update written by: Robin Ammerlaan, Wageningen UR

Waste is something we would all rather do without. Eliminating waste is key to establishing a circular economy. We are, […]

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Towards clean air: The Green Junkie, addicted to pollution written by: Bert Heusinkveld & Charlotte Lelieveld, Wageningen UR

Human health within the city is greatly impacted by air pollution. On the map of Amsterdam (Fig. 1) you can […]

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3D Printing in the Circular City: Project Update written by: Foteini Setaki, TU Delft

Every day, a huge amount of plastic waste is generated in cities. It is even estimated that plastics represent about […]

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Urban AirQ: Science for society or society for science? Written by: Matthijs Danes, Wageningen UR

Air quality in cities and its impact on public health is currently a growing concern, receiving ample attention from policymakers, […]

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CLIMADAPTOOL: Project Update Written by: Sanda Lenzholzer, Wageningen UR

Our CLIMADAPTOOL project is in full swing now. We started the interactive part of our project in the beginning of […]

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Stimulus: blog series starting soon Written by: Natasha de Sena, AMS Institute

In 2015, AMS Institute released a call for Stimulus Projects and the top 8 submitted projects received funding for developing […]

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