AMS WeMakeThe.City

WeMakeThe.City is the largest city festival in Europe, taking place from 20 to 24 June. We celebrate urban living whilst addressing important urban issues in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. How can we make our cities better?
For five days in a row, together with audience and experts, spread across different locations in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, we will tackle urgent everyday challenges in the urban environment, such as food security, mobility and logistics, water and waste management, health and wellbeing. With lectures, film screenings, expositions, performances, urban expeditions, games, workshops, expert meetings, conversations, labs, maker spaces, and an attractive and active weekend program for a large and wide audience. For Amsterdam, the metropolitan area, European cities and the rest of the world.

WeMakeThe.City is an initiative of Amsterdam Municipality, Amsterdam Economic Board, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Waag Society, Amsterdam Smart City and AMS Institute. Check out in which programs AMS Institute is involved. Please keep an eye on the website. There is more to come.

Metropolitan Mobility Conference Smart new ways to connect the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region

What kind of city do we want our metropolitan region to be? Do we have a right to commute? And what does that mean? During the Metropolitan Mobility Conference, we address these questions. With international and local examples we will focus on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the future of digital infrastructure.

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We Make Amsterdam Resilient Work together on an inclusive and resilient Amsterdam

The increasing changes that cities such as Amsterdam are facing, require us to rethink the way we co-create resilient cities in terms of energy, food, mobility, climate and living. Are you interested in getting inspired and to learn how we can together in a creative way work towards a Resilient Amsterdam?

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Next Generation Cities Strategies for Inclusive Digital Transformation

How can you as citizen, designer, policymaker or developer contribute to inclusive and fair cities? And how can we implement digital technologies in a responsible way?

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Together for new energy Choices, opportunities and pitfalls for the energy transition in the Amsterdam metropolitan region

It is clear that our energy supply will change and that this will have a major impact in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. But the question is how?

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Close to Reality A small scale depiction of urban planning, architecture and public space

The pop-up exhibition ‘Close to Reality’ showcases fifty scale models at every stage of construction, from regional scale to the complete building, from concept to final design. It’s a depiction of urban planning, architecture and public space.

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Change the System How to design, finance, build and operate a circular city

How do we design, finance, build and operate a circular city? Thanks to pioneers with concrete solutions and ideas, the utopia of circular building becomes more and more reality. During this conference we invite pioneers from the architecture, real estate world, construction and financial sector to share their vision on the (circular ) city of the future.

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The Hungry City How to build a regional food system?

How can we provide the rapidly growing cities with sufficient healthy, sustainable and high quality food? In this conference we look at how to build a resilient, regional food system to provide the cities of tomorrow with food.

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NEMO City Lab Join interactive experiments on Amsterdam's biggest rooftop

NEMO City Lab transforms the rooftop of NEMO into a ‘living lab’. Join interactive experiments on Amsterdam’s largest city square on a roof.

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Amsterdam City Event Sharing knowledge with Civil Servants

Amsterdam City Event (ACE) is a knowledge day for civil servants of the City of Amsterdam. Around 1,100 civil servants share their knowledge and expertise through workshops, excursions, and lectures, and are also given the opportunity to gain inspiration outside their organization

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