MADE IT is the study association belonging to the master Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering, a joint degree of Wageningen University and Research and University of Technology in Delft. The study association was founded by students as the master program began in september 2017. Since then it has developed into a platform by and for MSc MADE students focussing on personal and professional development. This is supported by reflecting on the educational program and organizing a wide variety of social and study-related events.

In the following years we strive to increase the presence of MADE IT on the Marineterrein and beyond and create a strong network of MSc MADE students.

Study Association MADE IT Board 2018-2019,

Emma Reeskamp, Julia Vermaas, Daniel Buzatu and Koen Nijssen

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Introduction Day MSc MADE

Plastic fishing in the canals with the Plastic Whale. (Photo by Delvine Chevalier)

Christmas Dinner at the Clubhouse

at the Clubhouse

MADE IT Board 2018-2019

(left to right) Koen Nijssen (vice-chair), Julia Vermaas (secretary), Emma Reeskamp (chair), and Daniel Buzatu (treasurer)