The overall aim of the project was to explore how the Marineterrein can become a zone for pedestrians and outdoor activities area with an optimum accessibility for people, services and goods traveling to, from and on site.

The project is a good example of how students from MSc MADE are challenged to research and find innovative solutions to metropolitan challenges. MSc MADE focuses on the metropolitan challenges of Amsterdam as a booming city, using Amsterdam as a case study and a living lab. Set up in collaboration with AMS Institute, the program connects students to real life cases, business, the city and its citizens – training them hands-on for the multidisciplinary challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s cities. The assignment was commissioned by Bureau Marineterrein who provided a case-study which offers students to use Marineterrein as a living lab during their assignment.

The report written by the MSc MADE students provides recommendations on how to accomplish a transition towards a car free area using four possible scenarios. You can find the report here.