In continuity with their predecessors’ video projects, the first-year MSc MADE students produced a series of knowledge clips in addition to the academic paper they submitted during their Metropolitan Challenges course.

As the students work on defining and understanding the metropolitan challenges Amsterdam is facing today, this video series allows them to share their observations on topics such as mobility, tourism, food, water, waste, energy and health.

The city of Amsterdam is densely build and counts many monuments. Its infrastructure does not always withstand heavy rainfall and extreme heat. Where to find the place to store water or cool down the city? Can greening rooftops provide an answer?

Many food products are covered with environmental labels. It seems that there is much confusion regarding the meaning of environmental labels. Why couldn't there be just one label for everything?

Recently, the municipality has imposed many new rules regarding the pressure on the canals. However, complaints have increased. MSc MADE students investigated this phenomena and looked further into the different functions of the canals.

Back in the days, human cavemen used to live underground. These days we prefer living above the ground. However, should we reconsider to move back underground? What is the potential of building underground? What are the challenges?

The City of Amsterdam suffers from flooding and other problems caused by heavy rainfall. Soft areas that used to absorb rainfall turn into hard areas as a result of growing cities. This causes water resistance. One of the solutions could be permeable pavements.

Online grocery shoppings are increasing in popularity and becoming more and more common. How is this process of online grocery shopping developing in the city of Amsterdam? And does it create urban food deserts?

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