AMS 2nd Netherlands Mobility Panel Symposium

The Netherlands Mobility Panel (MPN) is a longitudinal panel that started in 2013. The data that are collected with the MPN are used to study trends in the travel behaviour of a fixed group of individuals and households over a long period. How do life events, such as changing jobs, births of children and divorces, influence travel behaviour? Do people make more or less trips as a result of these life events? Does their choice of transport mode change? And how is their car use influenced by the use of Facebook and Twitter and other developments? With the use of the MPN we aim to answer these questions. An explanatory animation can be found here.

Last year we successfully organised the first Netherlands Mobility Panel Symposium. This year – preceding the Heart conference – we will organise the second Symposium.

In this year’s Symposium, several national and international speakers will present research that is based on data from both the Netherlands MPN as from panels in other countries. The topics include, among others, the influence of attitudes, preferences and life events on travel behaviour, e-shopping and mobility, and on changes in car ownership, car availability and car use. The Symposium will address issues that are specific for the collection and the use of panel data, such as declining response rates and attrition. And there will also be room to discuss opportunities for new platforms for data collection.

Please find the programme of the Symposium here.

Attendance of the MPN Symposium is free of charge. You can subscribe to the Symposium by clicking here. If you have already subscribed to the symposium through the ‘Save the Date’, you do not have to subscribe again.

We look forward to seeing you on 12 September!