AMS Flevo Campus Live

On 6 December, Flevo Campus invites young farmers, students and young professionals to contribute their thoughts on the fulfillment of the vision of Minister Schouten. How can we combine urban food supply and recirculating agriculture to ensure a better living climate and healthier citizens in cities? During Flevo Campus Live you can talk to leading food growers about the future of our food system.

During various interactive sessions and workshops you will brainstorm during Flevo Campus Live, under the guidance of experts, about new concepts and food chains that can connect urban and rural areas. The ideas that will be devised and developed during Flevo Campus Live will form the basis for the Flevo Campus Think Tank that will start in early 2019. The result of this multi-day programme is an Action Agenda with concrete advice on the fulfillment of the vision of Minister Schouten. Keep an eye on the website for more information about the Think Tank.

Flevo Campus
Flevo Campus shows in practice how urban food supply cleverly combined with innovations in agriculture, leads to a better living climate in cities and healthy citizens.

You can sign up for Flevo Campus Live here. The admission is free.

This event will be in Dutch