AMS AMS’ Network for Food Planning (ANFP) #11 Casablanca

Friday April 14, 2017 14:30 at AMS’ Lecture Room

Topic Urban Agriculture: the Case Casablanca in Morocco

Speakers Helena Heyning and Arnold van der Valk

The growing city region of Casablanca in Morocco is a laboratory for urban agriculture. Over the last decade visitors of international conferences on food planning and urban agriculture noticed a series of well researched papers by Moroccan and German scholars about Casablanca. These papers are a corollary of the ‘Urban Agriculture Casablanca Project’ (2003-2013) a cooperative effort by Moroccan and German universities in the context of the ‘Future Megacities’ project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In 2015 the final report, was published.

Helena (Chaja) Heyning, Arnold van der Valk and Maria van der Valk-Hunfeld read the report and decided to make a field trip to Casablanca. They visited three out of four pilot projects in the urban fringe and spoke to a range of experts and participants. What are the prospects of urban agriculture in the context of this rapidly expanding metropolis? What’s the sense or non-sense of government induced projects in global cities in the Southern hemisphere? Which lessons teaches this project with respect to interdisciplinary research and action research? These questions and more will be touched upon in this special travel edition of the ANFP series.

About ANFP
AMS’ Network for Sustainable Food Planning (ANFP) is a platform for young professionals, scholars and students from a wide range of academic institutions and disciplines interested in the domain of sustainable food planning, food governance and urban agriculture. As a community of practice, ANFP aims to build bridges between the worlds of practice and academic research, thus contributing to the research and education efforts of the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS).