AMS AMS’ Network for Food Planning (ANFP)

Topic Temporality of Urban Agriculture projects
Speakers Renske ter Horst
Moderator Beatriz Pineda Revilla

On the 16th of June, we will organise another ANFP meeting. This time the subject will be temporary urban agriculture. Temporary urban agriculture is a phenomenon that has been part of cities for decades. However, urban agriculture projects need space and the availability of space in cities is limited. Agriculture has to compete with many other forms of land use.

There are several examples of temporary urban agriculture projects in Amsterdam. One of them is the Boeletuin located on the Zuidas of Amsterdam. The garden currently experiences the pressure of urban development. The area is owned by the VU and will soon be developed. The VU decided that the initiatives in the Boeletuin can stay for this season, but the future of the garden is very uncertain.

During the ANFP meeting Renske ter Horst, WUR MSc student Land Use Planning, will present her masterthesis research about the possiblity of integrating temporary urban agriculture into metropolitan areas and we will discuss the phenomenon of temporary urban agriculture in cities.

We hope to see you all the 16th of June!

Renske and Beatriz
(on behalf of the ANFP team)