AMS AMS Network of Sustainable Food Planning

Bridging practice and research on the Amsterdam food system: Exploring the potential of the ANFP network

From now on, the AMS Network of Sustainable Food Planning (ANFP: see below) intends to play a more explicit role in building bridges between practitioners, academics and students (PhD and Master). In the upcoming meeting, we explore the knowledge gap when it comes to Amsterdam’s food system, and what role ANFP can play to match up practitioners with researchers and students, in order to fill this gap. The afternoon offers a mix of short presentations, group brainstorms and plenary discussion. There will be also plenty of opportunity for networking during the drinks at the start and the end of the day.

By the end of the day, the aim is that participants go home with new insights into the key issues; who is doing what, and, perhaps most importantly, where to find the knowledge, data and/or collaboration you need to pursue your food-related work or research. The meeting is open to anyone who is interested in food system issues in Amsterdam.

14.00 – Welcome, coffee and tea
14.30 – Opening and introductions
14.45 – Contributions from speakers, followed by short Q&A:
• Mapping the Amsterdam food system: Jessica van Bossum (MSc thesis student, Wageningen UR)
• Amsterdam metropolitan food system – Strategic research directions: Arjen Spijkerman (AMS)
• Matching problems and solutions: Ward Mesman: (AmsterdamSmartCity platform)
• Van Amsterdamse Bodem – development of a new food portal: Renée Hendrickx (Food Cabinet)
15.30 – Tea break
15.45 – Brainstorm in groups
• Key issues, knowledge and data needs vs. availability, key questions moving forward
16.45 – Plenary wrap-up and next steps
17.15 – Closing, drinks

About ANFP
AMS’ Network for Sustainable Food Planning (ANFP) is a platform for young professionals, scholars and students from a wide range of academic institutions and disciplines interested in the domain of sustainable food planning, food governance and urban agriculture. As a community of practice, ANFP aims to build bridges between the worlds of practice and academic research, thus contributing to the research and education efforts of the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS).