AMS AMS Seminar on Urban Data Science

The AMS Social Urban Data Lab (SUDL) organizes the 1st European Seminar on Urban Data Science on December 4, 2017 at AMS Institute.

Modern-day cities provide a diverse array of large geo-social data from location-aware technologies. These range from sensing devices, GPS trackers, and satellites to social media, mobile phones, fleeting transactions, as well as massive government and public data repositories. Together, they provide an exciting reflection of the human landscape. The more knowledge we can derive from geo-social big data, the better we can address real-world urban and regional challenges.

The field of urban data science responds to the increasing demand for addressing metropolitan challenges with efficient location-based services. This burgeoning field has emerged in support of new, geographically-aware computing and data science. Moreover, it integrates theories and methods from urban planning, geography, and computer science.

The seminar aims to bring together leading experts in the fields of quantitative geography, data science, computational social science, and urban planning to discuss the present and future of (spatial) data science applications in urban and regional contexts.

Confirmed speakers include: Prof. Chris Brunsdon (Maynooth University); Prof. Alex Singleton (University of Liverpool); Prof. Licia Capra (UCL); Prof. Daniel Gatica-Perez (EPFL); Daniele Quercia (Nokia/Bell Labs); Marco Helbich (Utrecht University); Ger Baron (CTO, Municipality of Amsterdam).

You can already pre-register for the seminar. More details on the program will follow soon.