AMS AMS Vital City Workshop

“My dream is that it is the new normal, when I tell my children or grandchildren about smog free project or showing the water high in Amsterdam, there reaction will be ‘why do you care? We already know all about this.” 
Daan Roosegraade, Head of Studio Roosegraade, in DWDD on Monday, the 31e of August.

What is your New Normal? Your dream for the future?

AMS Institute is pleased to invite you for a challenging workshop on ‘Vital City’ on Wednesday, October 28th, from 12:30h to 17:30h (including lunch!) at the AMS Institute Home (Amsterdam).

The workshop aims to explore future challenges related to the Vital City topic, which include for example water and green infrastructure, air quality, and the citizens involvement with the living quality of their own city. We aim at identifying common goals between citizens and research, market and public organizations, and define relevant topics for research and innovation projects that can be executed within the AMS Research and Valorization Program in the next years.

In the coming two weeks you will receive further information about the workshop programme and speakers! Please feel free to contact us if you have specific suggestions, topics or products that you would like to address during the workshop.

Please sign up via the email with the code ‘Workshop Vital City’ on the email subject.