AMS Paris Food Futures

Workshop during COP21 Climate Conference, Paris
How will we feed our cities in the future?   
One of the largest challenges which mankind faces today is to produce sufficient food for a global population under the impact of climate change and at the same time reduce the negative impact of food production. Cities can contribute to this challenge by producing more food in and around them. This can help secure food supply and make cities less dependent on food import. Producing food in and around cities is also a more ecological way of production and as a result, less pressure will be put on the climate. In any case, this project will have an impact and not only on food production, but also on cities.

Case Study Paris
Paris is an example-city in this project. During an intense five-day workshop with an international group of students and young professionals, we dare to speculate and paint a visionary picture of the future. We will hypothesize and visualize if Paris would change for the better or the worse if they embrace urban food production. We organise this case study in relation to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. Our aim is to make a statement, to provoke, to surprise and to inspire. We want to provide food for thought and feed the debate on climate change and the future of urban life.

Workshop on site
The workshop will take place in the Institute Neerlandaise in the centre of Paris. There we will work in a very intense and productive setting. The workshop will be chaired by Prof. Arjan van Timmeren (Scientific director AMS Institute) and led by Arjen Spijkerman (AMS Institute), Ulf Hackauf (TU Delft) and Inge Vleemingh (Wageningen UR).

Participate (Unfortunately we closed the registration)
An affinity with scenario-making and visionary thinking is a pro, the willingness to work very productively and intensely is a must. The fee for participation is EUR 100,-. This includes accommodation for four nights, breakfast and lunch. The participants will need to arrange their own travel to and within Paris. If you want more information please send an email to