AMS ASFP group process workshop: How do groups work best?

Do you enjoy group work? Are you member of a group? Or wanting to start one? Or maybe you are a group organizer? Then this event is a valuable source of knowledge you can further use in your current and future groups.

On Friday 27th May, you will be introduced to the fun and insightful method of the ‘dramaturgical approach’ (inspired by the work of Erving Goffman), as a tool and a metaphor to reflect on how a group operates. The ASFP group will serve as subject for this exercise, but the methods and insights can be applied to ANY group you are part of and to which you wish to bring a positive change.

We will learn:
– To understand how and why the group is operating the way it is thus far.
– To think about how we envision alternative futures for our group.
We will do this by writing different scripts for our future as a group. The event facilitator will encourage us to find out what it is that we truly want as members and how we envision the development of the whole group.

We will use the ingredients of theatre as a metaphor and answer the following questions:
– Who is the audience that we envision the group will have?
– Who are the ‘playing’ actors?
– What are the props we use to achieve our aims?
– What is our stage? What are its essential characteristics?

Workshop facilitator: Marleen Buizer (WUR)
Marleen Buizer is a lecturer of land use planning at Wageningen University. She has an experience of over 13 years in leading multidisciplinary teams and 3 years of teaching and supervising Msc students. As part of her classes she uses engaging methods of reflection on group processes such as a ‘front stage/back stage’ exercise. This dramaturgical approach facilitates a fun and insightful view on improving the group process and the individual performance.

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