AMS’ Network for Food Planning (ANFP)

The next meeting of the AMS Network of Sustainable Food Planning (ANFP) will be on Friday February 10, 14.30 (until 17.00) at AMS lecture room. Our key-note is Wageningen Msc student Helena Solman on the relevance of alternative food and urban agriculture as a theme in tourism dispersion from the congested Amsterdam City Centre.

Helena Solman will share the preliminary results of a comparative research project in Rome and Amsterdam about Food and Tourism. Helena’s focus is on authentic food experiences outside the overcrowded tourist centre and a new type of food tourism that includes visits to urban farms and food projects. 

If you are an entrepreneur or expert on tourism in Amsterdam, this happening is an opportunity to meet stakeholders and give a feedback on the preliminary findings.

The meeting is open to anyone who is interested in food system issues in Amsterdam. We will invite one or two experts to comment. After the presentations there will be plenty of time for debate and drinks.

We look forward to welcoming you on 10 of February!