AMS Circular Amsterdam ArenA – Student presentation

A project of AMS Institute and Wageningen UR

The past two months, 14 students from Wageningen UR carried out a consultancy assignment for the Amsterdam ArenA, to investigate options for making the stadium more sustainable. A research into the opportunities in the plastic, waste water en food cycles led to concrete solutions for closing or optimising these cycles, without losing sight of the business case and visitor experience.

The students
All students are from an environment-related Masters programme, majoring in subjects such as water management, landscape planning, urban management and leisure & tourism. We complemented our diverse expertise by seeking input from scientists and key practitioners, many of whom will be present at the presentation.

The set-up
The afternoon starts with an interactive presentation of our work. After that, there is time to deepen the discussion. By bringing together actors from the three cycles in a relaxed atmosphere, it is our ambition to initiate an inspiring meeting of minds about sustainable innovation. The afternoon is set up in such a way that there is plenty of time to meet new people, deepen the dialogue with existing partners, and plant seeds for future partnerships.

The programme
13.30 Welcome with coffee & tea
14.00 Opening
14.10 Context and findings; sustainability evaluation tool
14.30 Pitch: Food
14.45 Pitch: Plastic
15.00 Break
15.15 Pitch: Waste water
15.30 Wrap-up, launch of publication
15.45 Idea market
16.30 Closure, followed by network drinks

Interested in joining? Please send an email to