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In collaboration with AMS Institute, TU Delft Chair of Complex Projects is investigating existing and future challenges Amsterdam will be facing in the coming decades, towards 2050. In AMS Mid-City Studio, the focus is on the growth of inhabitants and tourists, the extra demand for new housing, infrastructure, data and energy networks, climate change management. Students are testing and defining the brief of urban interventions in Amsterdam, analysing and re-designing urban areas situated along Oostlijn, the metro and railway line running from Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Amstel area and Amsterdam Centraal.

AMS Mid-City Studio is paralleled by and interconnected with City of Innovations Seminar into a singular graduation assignment. The Seminar focuses on the theoretical background and research, which will then be applied to design scenarios and implemented on different sites in the studio. The Seminar research-topics is divided into 3 groups: mobility, health and energy. The Studio is also divided in three groups, each group focussing on different site: Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Individual thesis projects should be based on and formed by both studio group work and seminar group work.

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Where TU Delft – BK Room 00 Oost 650
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