AMS CrowdInsights – Bootcamp on Urban Data Science

A professional school crash-course on how the science of urban data can be applied to solve metropolitan issues

The CrowdInsights professional school provides a no-frills, hands-on introduction to the science of urban data; from data creation to data analysis, data visualization and sense-making, the bootcamp will introduce more than 10 real-world application uses cases that exemplifies how urban data can be applied to solve metropolitan issues.

Attendees will explore the challenges and opportunities that come from the adoption of novel types of urban data source, including social media, mobile phone data, IoT networks, etc.

Why? Data is the catalyst needed to make the smart city vision a reality in a transparent and evidence-based (i.e. data-driven) manner. The knowledge required for data-driven urban analysis are essential for urban stakeholder, and is diverse and quickly evolving.

For who? Everyone interested in leveraging urban data to improve cities. We encourage the participation of Civil servants, Professionals, Students, Urban planners, and managers of city utilities and services. No previous experience in data science or computer science is required.

A short description of the event is available here or visit the CrowdInsights webpage.

AMS Institute is a supporter of CrowdInsights and the location for the Amsterdam edition of this event.