AMS Demo Donderdag: Evidence Based Food Systems

More than three million meals are served in Amsterdam every day. The challenge of getting all this food into the city is getting greater every day, due to population growth, increasing tourism and out-of-home eating trends. At the same time, space for logistics is being reduced. What do we actually know about the food flowing into the city? What is its impact on urban mobility?

Together with Wageningen University & Research, Aeres Hogeschool, and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we are mapping the food chains in the Amsterdam Metropolitan region to get a grip on these questions. With online data and data from the city of Amsterdam, we are building a dataset of actors in these food chains, to be visualized on an interactive map. This Demo Donderdag, we share our experiences with building this dataset, and the challenges of keeping it current and accessible. Also, we will take a peek at possible policy applications, within the cases of Amsterdam (mobility) and Almere (local food).

Jessica van Bossum, researcher sustainable regional food systems at the Urban Technology research group, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA).

Other speakers: Kees-Willem Rademakers (lecturer-researcher onderzoeker food- en stadslogistiek) en Pieter van der Plas (Urban Analytics). Lisa ter Brug (projectmanager voedselstromen-onderzoek Aeres Hogeschool).


Picture credits: Sietze Vergeer