AMS Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) Live Session – CIRCULAR COMPONENTS IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT


As a part of the online Disruptive Innovation Festival AMS Institute will host a live stream discussion on Circular Components in the Build Environment.

One of the key assumptions in the concept of Circular Economy (CE) is that use of inner loops will increase if the ownership of products remains as much as possible in the hands of the supply chain. Maintenance and renovation of buildings is by definition a way to make use of the inner circles of the CE. But maintenance and renovation themselves can be performed according to principles of the CE as well. Buildings consist of many components such as hvac- installations, kitchens, bathrooms etc. that need not be owned by the building owner. If these would be leased from the supply chain, it would create several opportunities for a bottom-up implementation in the built environment, for new as well as existing buildings.

This around the table session is aimed at strategic lines of research within the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) and Delft University of Technology, in which product and business models for such components are being developed in close cooperation with partners from industry. The discussion will focus on conceptual opportunities and practical challenges with regard to residential buildings.

• Vincent Gruis – Professor Housing Management, Delft University of Technology
• Bob Geldermans – Programme Manager Circular City AMS Institute (moderator)
• Danny Wijnbelt – Director of Development, Housing corporation Eigen Haard
• Ronald Pilot – Senior Innovation Manager / Programme Manager IoT, Feenstra Utilities
• Olaf Oosting – Manager Energy and Sustainable Development, Valstar Simonis

Join the Google Hangout and follow the discussion live!

Vincent Gruis is professor of Housing Management at the faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology. Vincent is specialized in corporate governance and asset management for social landlords and is co- coordinator of the working group on Housing Regeneration and Maintenance within the European Network for Housing Research. As principal investigator for AMS Institute, Vincent explores bottom-up implementation of circular economy concepts in the housing sector.

Bob Geldermans is coordinator of the Circular City research program at Amsterdam Institute for advanced metropolitan solutions. The Circular City research program consists of three interrelated sub-themes: materials & buildings, nutrient recovery, and urban energy systems. Bob is also working as a researcher at Delft University of Technology, specialized in circular material & product flows in the built environment.

Ronald Pilot is senior innovation manager and programmanager IoT at Feenstra. Feenstra is the largest Dutch technical service provider, serving over 700.000 heating installations at households in the Netherlands and 800 active service engineers. Ronald is focussing on the new business models that will arise from the transition to sustainable energy as well as the opportunities the Internet of Things offer in building a better customer journey.

Danny Wijnbelt is director of the Development Division of housing corporation Eigen Haard. Eigen Haard is one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands. The corporation provides 55.000 households with affordable housing of good quality located in vital communities in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. One of the sustainability ambitions is to recycle 99% of the materials used in building, renovating and housing management.

Olaf Oosting is responsible for the Energy and Sustainable Development department of consultancy and engineering firm Valstar Simonis. Part of his work is exploring new opportunities for the Installation Technology. While heavily interested in the circular economy and new business models in general, he noticed the (and his) lack of knowledge about circular HVAC installations. Together with partners he started an initiative to explore the opportunities on this specific topic.