AMS Flevo Campus Live!

As a partner of the Flevo Campus we are happy to invite ambitious students and young professionals (up to 35 years old) who are interested in and have expertise in the fields of food, health, agriculture and the city for Flevo Campus Live! on December 8. In an interactive morning session, we will join forces with seven experts in the field of urban food supplies and help set the agenda for cities of the future and develop Flevo Campus towards 2022.

Supplying cities with sufficient, high-quality food stands to be one of the most pressing issues in the future. How can we ensure that there’ll be enough food for city residents? How can food waste be reduced and better managed to secure healthy cities today and tomorrow?

Situated in the Amsterdam metropolitan area amidst large-scale agricultural and horticultural projects, the relatively young city of Almere sets out to become the ultimate location for the training of future food professionals. Positioning itself as the place where new ideas, innovations, and projects are conceived, tested and implemented.

To accomplish this, we are setting up Flevo Campus to contribute to an improved organization of food supplies to cities – and we want your help. This is your chance to contribute to the future food supply of the Amsterdam-Almere metropolitan area!

To sum up, you will:

  • Meet leading experts in the field of food and the city
  • Network with the best students, researchers and PhD candidates in the Netherlands
  • Meet entrepreneurs and the private sector
  • Might win the opportunity to be part of follow-up projects in the Flevo Campus Thinktank.
  • Be part of the solution and set the agenda for to the ultimate issue of the coming century: how to feed expanding cities

09.00 – Arrival
09.30 – Opening Flevo Campus Live
09.40 – Welcome
09.50 – Presentation of workshops by Sigrid Wertheim
10.00 – Workshops
12.30 – Lunch
14.00 – Closing

Featuring, among others: dr. Sigrid Wertheim (Aeres Hogeschool Almere), dr. Saskia Visser (Wageningen UR), Arjen Spijkerman (AMS Institute), Jan Eelco Jansma (Aeres Hogeschool Almere, Wageningen UR), Anke Brons (PhD Researcher Wageningen UR)

For updates, more information and registration follow @Flevocampus on Twitter and the Flevo Campus website.

The working language of this event is English. Registration is free, yet required.