AMS From needs to knowledge symposium

Smart Citizens in Smarter Cities

Citizens play a significant role in the formation and development of urban systems. With the advancement of digital and communication technologies, they can also act as human sensors that report on various aspects (e.g. air quality, noise) of urban environments. However, the large- scale and sustainable involvement of citizens with smart city infrastructure is still an open challenge. How can citizens be empowered in the detection, analysis, and solution of urban challenges? How can public authorities support collective awareness, encourage social deliberation, and drive positive behavioural change? Which role can universities and private organizations play in this picture?

This seminar, organized as a collaboration between DDS, AMS, and BOLD Cities, is meant as a platform to discuss and explore the multi-actors and multidimensional nature that (smart) citizens play in the smart city debate. The goal is to understand and shape the evolution and further development of this topic of great societal relevance. The focus will be on state-of-the- art and the state-of-the-practice in smart citizens initiatives. It will feature a mixture of keynotes, and brainstorming sessions.

This seminar is inspired by the “From Needs to Knowledge” project.The main objective of this project is the identification of the key societal, technical, and scientific challenges that need to be overcome in order to transform the Smart Citizen vision into a solid reality.

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Project Final Reporting – From needs to knowledge (pdf)