AMS Future of Stations – Gares du Futur

Stations as nodes of intermodality: Peer-to-Peer exchange France/the Netherlands

The station, as the main point of intersection between the railway and the city, is the central link in the mobility chain and, as a catalyst of urban developments, it is both a place of exchange between various modes of transport and a living space providing services.

The seminar « Stations of the Future » is based on the mega-initiative « Le Grand Paris » that has the ambition to create several economic centers around the metropolitan area of Paris that are connected with a new network of public transport as well as with airports and high-speed train services. Together with the « Randstad » networks in the Netherlands, the event will focus on a debate with several case studies in both metropolitan areas to understand the role of station hubs in these areas.

A selected group of professionals, stakeholders, experts, designers and scientists from both France and the Netherlands are invited to share their experience, knowledge, and expertise in several working sessions focussing on topics like « Station as inter modal-node », « Station as Destination » and « Station as Data center ».

The intention of this cross-disciplinary event is twofold:
• To enhance French-Dutch collaboration through matchmaking, alignments, and exchange of visions and methods from academia and practice.
• To identify prospects for a new program and set up a joint research agenda for prominent (national and international) follow up initiatives.

This is an invite-only event. Please contact Manuela Triggianese for more information.