AMS Kick-off AMS-Summer school

This summer Stichting Thinking City organises the UvA/AMS Summer School Thinking City ‘Beyond Resilience’, from 3 until 16 july in Amsterdam. The participants work for two weeks together with local stakeholders in an interdisciplinairy way on the following urban issues: Water and urban vitality; Housing and Energy; Aging and wellbeing, Health and food; Art and entrepeneurship; Consumerism and genius loci; Humanrights and city governance (see for an explanation of these themes below the program). They will each be explored in relation to their contribution to a sustainable, socially just, high-quality city. Case studies, related to the themes, will focus on specific challenges for the city of Amsterdam.

During the kick-off meeting on 6 February results of the Summer School Thinking City 2014 will be presented and the theme of this year. Stakeholders will give a presentation of their rugent question. You are kindly invited to attend the kick-off meeting and take part into the discussion.

Program friday 6 February

  • 16:30 Opening: Don Murphy: Welcome and results of SSTC 2014, Zef Hemel: Theme SSTC 2015: Beyond Resilience
  • 17:00 Pitches: Stakeholders: Presentation case-studies
  • 18:00 Break: Soup & bread
  • 18:15 Discussion with stakeholders, tutorr en public en participants. Per case study one table moderated by a mentor.
  • 19:00 Closing in the Bar Pakhuis de Zwijger

Language: Dutch  (introduction Summer School Thinking City is in English)

Entrance is Free.



Water and urban vitality
How to make a city resilient to the effects of decentralization? What are the challenges for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region regarding water management and changing ownership of the soil?

Housing and Energy
How could the densely inhabited city of Amsterdam be further densified, what is the potential of housing in the harbor area? How can new living, dwelling and other building types be combined with the potentials of energy production and a circular economy in the city?

Aging and wellbeing
What spatial characteristics influence elderly people’s well being in a city, how can they stay in the their homes? How can medical care be further integrated with the architecture and city?

Health and food
What are threats and opportunities in relation to the viruses in the city? What is the status of public accessibility of a city in times of an epidemic.

Art and entrepeneurship
What roll can artists take in the growing festival culture of the city?

Consumerism and genius loci
How can commercial activities influence the public space of a city? What does behavior imply on the quality of public space?

Humanrights and city governance
How can a city be coverned by the guidance of human rights? How can citizens regain control by participation? How do accept asylum seekers in our city?


UvA/AMS Summerschool 2015: Beyond Resilience, organised by Stichting Thinking City (VMX Architects and Zef Hemel). Partners: ARCAM, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Academie van Bouwkunst en StadsSalon. Powered by: Amsterdam in Business, Gira.

The ‘Thinking City’ Summer School aims at promoting Dutch planning, architecture and city making in a global scene. The Netherlands has always had a strong tradition in these fields, which is widely acknowledged internationally. In today’s rapidly urbanizing world, this knowledge and expertise can contribute to the development of cities and regions elsewhere. Amsterdam is chosen as location, being a city with an extensive history of planning, a highly appreciated quality of living and a wide range of innovative developments—best practices. At the same time the city raises questions, about the current state of planning, and future planning tasks. By inviting an international audience to reflect on the city, Amsterdam can engage in a debate about her own future.