AMS Kick-off Stimulus project for selected consortia

AMS Institute has selected 8 projects to grand funding out of the so called Stimulus budget, which should realize short-term research output and act as a catalyst of a new solution direction, concept or approach. On December 9th, all project consortia from the selected proposals are invited for a kick-off meeting.

With this selection, AMS Institute brings together a wide variety of new partnerships and co-creations of scientists and professionals of businesses, municipality, NGO’s and other stakeholders to create solutions for the complex challenges a metropolitan region like Amsterdam is facing.

November 2nd was the deadline for submitting a proposal for AMS’ first Call for Stimulus Projects. We received 30 proposals, and the high quality standard of the proposed projects was overwhelming. The submitted proposals have been evaluated based on the criteria for stimulus projects, and the selected projects are the most innovative, scientificcaly sound, relevant to Amsterdam and with great upscaling potential. The selected projects will start in December 2015, and have their results spread through 2016. Keep an eye on AMS Institute website for seeing the innovation these projects will bring.