AMS Launch Van Amsterdamse Bodem

Food in a city plays a role in a variety of urban issues and functions as a connector. Think for example about the movement in the city is related to food (transport, production, waste, hotel and catering industry etc), and what percentage of your own waste is food or food related.

AMS aims to create a better understanding on the urban food system, from production and logistics to waste and recycling – everything in between and the circularity of the system. Therefore, it is important to see which connections we can make. AMS wants to collect food related data and work on research project in order to develop an sustainable perspective for het food system in the MRA.

Together with other food producers we launch a new online platform, for all questions related to urban agriculture and food.

In the platform “Van Amsterdamse Bodem” (From Amsterdam Grounds) the whole food sector is gathered: farmers, the market, food and recycling specialists. Visitors are invited to help, pose questions and suggest network connections. Several food initiatives in the city will explain their obstacles, dilemma’s and where they could use help.

On February 28 this platform is will be launched in Pakhuis de Zwijger!