AMS Lecture Clio Andris: Friendly Cities Lab

On 18 November Clio Andris speaks at AMS Institute on the Friendly Cities Lab initiative.

The Friendly Cities lab is an active academic/industry/community research group that focuses on people, connections, and relationships. This Smart Cities initiative investigates how interpersonal relationships and social capital affect the built environment and vice versa.

By collecting and incorporating a variety of dynamic social data, the lab works on GISystems that can reflect the culture, diversity and idea flow of a city – in a way that traditional census data cannot. Having developed a new measure of geographical nearness – called “social distance”, the lab among others measures how close places are when taking in account the nearness of their interpersonal, travel, and telecommunications flows, instead of how close they are on a map.

Taking a closer look at how city relationships are maintained over changing geographic circumstances, the lab also develops urban planning techniques that best support the world’s new type of personal relationships. How has Tinder influenced the landscape? How can we city plan for life, love and the pursuit of happiness?

About Clio Andris
Clio Andris is Director of the Friendly Cities Lab assistant professor of GIScience at Penn State.
Clio has a background in Geography (Boston University, 2007), and received her PhD in Urban Information Systems from MIT (2011).
She has collaborated with the SENSEable City Lab as a postdoctoral researcher (2012), as well as with the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) (2011 – 2012), and the Santa Fe Institute (2012 – 2014).

Tags: GIS, Social Networks, Interpersonal Relationships, Telecommunications, Urban Planning, Social Capital.