AMS Let’s Talk Solutions! Learning from London

The theme of our fall public lecture series Lets Talk Solutions is completely dedicated to ‘Learning from Others’. Numerous cities around the world are working on the grand challenges of urbanization and do so in new alliances between government, universities, industry and citizens.

We will bring 4 inspiring perspectives on urban innovation to Amsterdam with contributions from Helsinki, Mumbai, London and New York!

Learning form London
by Dan Hill

Dan previously served as CEO of Italian communications research centre and design studio, Fabrica, and has held leadership positions at the Finnish Innovation Fund, SITRA, as well as Arup, Monocle, and the BBC.

The Future Cities Catapult is a global urban innovation centre, based in London, and ‘kickstarted’ by the Technology Strategy Board, the UK Government’s innovation agency.  Located in London, the Future Cities Catapult aims to bring together businesses, universities and city leaders in solving the problems that cities face, accelerate the solutions to market, and grow the economy – while making cities better places to live.

Let’s Talk Solutions! is a series of public lectures, hosted by the AMS Institute. The monthly talks are inspiring, critical and interactive. Through different topics we will explore solutions for metropolitan challenges. Always bringing together engineering, entrepreneurship and Amsterdam. Entrance and drinks are free after registration.

Sept 15 1600h           Learning from Helsinki
                                  by Jari Niemelä and Marja-Leena Rinkineva

Dec 10, 1700h           Learning from New York, by Henk Ovink