AMS Mid-term presentation: Strategic framework for Regenerative Flows Integration & Leverage (REFIL) – by Maxim Amosov

Maxim Amosov, research fellow (FR) at AMS, has been developing a strategic framework for Regenerative Flows Integration & Leverage (REFIL) since November 2016. Maxim looks at the interrelations between 4 resource flows – Materials, Energy, Water and Nutrients – and potential benefits of integrated regenerative systems, whilst working towards a methodological framework.

REFIL addresses the theme of Circular Cities, and more specifically: processes and relations between the Material, Energy, Water and Nutrient systems within the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. The first year of the project is dedicated to studying the technical flows and their regenerative potentials, as well as defining the conceptual framework that helps to grasp the complexity in an intuitive way. The final delivery is a research and valorisation proposition for acquisition of funds for follow-up research around circular cities. In case of successful application of the framework to the technical flows, it will be extended towards an economic assessment.

The project constitutes three distinct parts:
1. Methodology Design: system thinking models, tools, and indicators for design and assessment of integrated technological resource systems are analysed and integrated into a concept.
2. City System Performance Evaluation: analysis of the components and flows at Material, Energy, Water and Nutrient levels; and calculation of performance indicators and impacts are performed at qualitative and quantitative levels for each sub-system and the city, and integrated into a model.
3. Results Communication: various approaches for data and/or methodologies visualisation are studied and implemented in a report.

Envisioned is a ‘digital platform’ that helps researchers (e.g. WUR, TUD), professionals (e.g. government, industry) and citizens (e.g. Amsterdam Living Labs) to collect data, learn and communicate the results, and align decisions and needs at various levels. The aim is to strengthen decision-support tools with regard to circular city ambitions. As such, this project has strong overlaps with multiple projects at AMS, such as REPAIR and PUMA.

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