AMS Mobile City – Cyclists vs Pedestrians

Amsterdam is by far the cycling capital of the world. Together with pedestrians, cyclists represent the traffic behaviour of Amsterdam. However, until recently a comprehensive understanding of this behaviour was lacking by scholars. In this programme, several researchers will share their studies on the behaviour of active modes (cyclists and pedestrians). And with their new understandings, we will talk about the development of innovative new designs for cyclists and pedestrians. Different scholars and designers have considered the issue of active modes behaviour in their way. What do their approaches tell us? And how can we combine these approaches when we look at the future of mobility in cities?

During this event, organized bij Pakhuis de Zwijger, AMS Institute’s principle investigator Serge Hoogendoorn, will tell about the ALLEGRO-project. A major challenge in contemporary traffic and transportation theory is having a comprehensive understanding of pedestrians and cyclists behaviour. Different behavioural levels, concerning walking and cycling operations, activity scheduling and travel behaviour and knowledge representation and learning will be covered. Major scientific breakthroughs are expected at each of these levels, in terms of theory and modelling, and by using innovative big data collection and experimentation.

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